Abstract acrylic brush paint expressing emotion, seasonal changes and light dynamics. Different techniques in each painting create a unique texture and thickness of paint on canvas, mostly cotton or linen. Each painting follows a defined color palette, ranging from darker to lighter shades with highlights to be revealed in sunlight.

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The singular characteristics of acrylic color allow for seamless color flows while individual color strains remain the same. Playing with narrow color palettes, each piece is an unparalleled impression of its color components and matches. All pieces were made on cotton canvas using smaller sizes compared to the other series. Most pieces were made multi sectional, dividing the full picture into two or three pieces to allow for separate hanging.

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A sprinkle of light or a glimpse of the night sky. Acrylic color droppings create a unique effect when merging with each other on cotton canvas. Reflecting the many rainy days in Scandinavia or the crystal cold and clear night skies, the contrasting background and drop colors are balanced between brightness and diffusion.

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