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My painting collection is currently including three different series: Brushwood, Marble River and Stardust. For each of the series, I’ve used different techniques which create a recognisable style and texture. All paintings are made using acrylic paint with strong colors in focus. I’m mostly drawing on medium-sized canvas with approx. 100cm width but you can also find some smaller items in the Artshop section. Please contact me for purchase requests

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Thank you for visiting my website Art by Amélie. I am an Austrian-French artist based in Copenhagen and I am looking forward to sharing some of my artwork with you. You can explore the different series or see all paintings incl. details and prices in the Artshop section. If you have questions or custom requests, you can use the contact page to get in touch. Enjoy!

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Have you found a painting that almost fits what you are looking for… just not exactly?

At Art by Amélie I am happy to receive your custom requests and design paintings that are exactly what you are looking for. Let me take you through a couple of steps to co-design your dream painting and make it even more special to you.

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